Keeping the Good News in the Gospel!

Holy Moly Week

Jeremy and Bill discuss Holy Week and what is meaningful to them.  They also argue over the locations of various stories in the bible plus Bill offers a concession.

Nat Sanders is a writer, blogger and speaker.  This week the boys talk with Nat about her journey away and back to God.  Every journey is different and valid, Nat shares her’s with us.  Plus Bill quotes Douglas Adams.

The guys talk with Dr. Michelle Morris about disciple types, assessments and E-education Seminars.  Plus we learn that Bill thinks the Enneagram is the pentagram.


We are back and this time talking Church History with Scott Kisker.  We also find out which beer St. Patrick preferred.  

Plain Truth: A Holy Spirited Podcast spirited


The Band Meeting by Scott Kisker and Kevin Watson


After spending time with the church in Cuba, Tesia Mallory shares her insights and thoughts on the Holy Spirit.  Tesia also spends time explaining things to Bill in language a 6 year old would understand.


This week is an unreleased episode from Oct. 2018, the boys were just figuring this podcast thing out as they discuss discipleship.  Enjoy this episode from the archives.

The boys welcome Carol Scholp, of the Giving Circle, to the show.  Carol is a local philanthropist and advocate for children and the homeless.  Join us as we figure out how these 2 squares can join the circle.


This is the last week for our contest.  Rate the show on Itunes or the Apple Podcast app, then send a screenshot of the review to  You could win your choice of t-shirt or coffee mug featuring either: Jeremy the White Butterfly, Bill the Happy Hippie Jesus Elf or The Happy Hippie Jesus.  Contest ends February 1, 2019

Love 365 with Jen Kramer

Can you really make a difference in someone’s life over social media.  Jen Kramer did for 365 days!  The Happy Hippie Jesus Show welcomes Jen Kramer to share her story of A Year of Love. 


Jen Kramer Instagram @jkramerica


ARORA Doesn’t Bore Us

This week the boys talk to the good people at ARORA-Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency.  Myths are dispelled and friends are made.  Plus we find out if Jeremy can donate a heart that is 3 sizes too small!

1701 Aldersgate Rd, Suite 4 Little Rock, AR 72205


Tall Paul Atkins talks with us about the ministry of Canvas Community, a church caring for both the physically homeless and spiritually of Little Rock, AR.  Paul dispels myths about homelessness and shares stories of inspiration.  We also learn if Bill can leave Jeremy out in the cold.


Pastor Paul -

Pastor Gail -

 1111 West 7th street, Little Rock, AR 72201


Dinner and a Movie

Every Wednesday, doors open at 3:30 pm, the meal is served at 6:00 pm, and the movie ends at 7:30 pm.