Keeping the Good News in the Gospel!

After spending time with the church in Cuba, Tesia Mallory shares her insights and thoughts on the Holy Spirit.  Tesia also spends time explaining things to Bill in language a 6 year old would understand.



This week is an unreleased episode from Oct. 2018, the boys were just figuring this podcast thing out as they discuss discipleship.  Enjoy this episode from the archives.


The boys welcome Carol Scholp, of the Giving Circle, to the show.  Carol is a local philanthropist and advocate for children and the homeless.  Join us as we figure out how these 2 squares can join the circle.


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Love 365 with Jen Kramer

Can you really make a difference in someone’s life over social media.  Jen Kramer did for 365 days!  The Happy Hippie Jesus Show welcomes Jen Kramer to share her story of A Year of Love. 


Jen Kramer Instagram @jkramerica



ARORA Doesn’t Bore Us

This week the boys talk to the good people at ARORA-Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency.  Myths are dispelled and friends are made.  Plus we find out if Jeremy can donate a heart that is 3 sizes too small!

1701 Aldersgate Rd, Suite 4 Little Rock, AR 72205



Tall Paul Atkins talks with us about the ministry of Canvas Community, a church caring for both the physically homeless and spiritually of Little Rock, AR.  Paul dispels myths about homelessness and shares stories of inspiration.  We also learn if Bill can leave Jeremy out in the cold.


Pastor Paul -

Pastor Gail -

 1111 West 7th street, Little Rock, AR 72201


Dinner and a Movie

Every Wednesday, doors open at 3:30 pm, the meal is served at 6:00 pm, and the movie ends at 7:30 pm.



Hippie New Year

Hippie New Year from The Happy Hippie Jesus Show.  Bill and Jeremy share resources to help you grow closer to Christ in 2019.  Additionally, they announce the very first Happy Hippie Jesus Show contest.  Simply rate and review the podcast on Itunes or the Apple Podcasts app, take a screenshot of the review and email it to for your chance to win your choice of a coffee mug or t-shirt featuring either Jeremy the White Butterfly, Bill the Happy Hippie Jesus Elf, or The Happy Hippie Jesus



Oak Meditation App


Pray as You Go Podcast



Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne


The Revised Common Lectionary


Something Short: 10 Minute Spiritual Insights with Laurie Short Podcast


Richard Rohr- Daily or Weekly Meditations


Bishop Gary Mueller’s Daily Devotions



Paths to Prayer by Patricia D. Brown


Talking with God by Adam Webber


The Jesus Prayer:

"Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner," 


The United Methodist Book of Discipline (Invaluable tool and sleep aid)


The Bible for Normal People Podcast


Richard Rohr’s Homilies


The RobCast  Jesus H. Christ Episodes 209-212, 214-216, and 218-221


The Very Worst Missionary by Jamie Wright


Here and Now by Henri Nouwen


The Naked Now by Richard Rohr


The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr


Merry Christmas!! Your friends at The Happy Hippie Jesus Show present the The Happy Hippie Jesus Christmas Spectacular with Mark Norman.  An even more laid back, if that is even possible, episode to enjoy on this Christmas day.  Pastor Mark Norman joins us for discussions on all things Christmas.  Because this is a Christmas Spectacular, we have a few surprises for you.  Plus, God ways in on the question "Is Jesus a Hippie"?


Learn more about the special called General Conference in February:



"Who Would Imagine A King" by Whitney Houston

Mommies and daddys always believe 
That their little angels are special indeed 
And you could grow up to be anything 
But who would imagine a king 

A shepherd or teacher is what you could be 
Or maybe a fisherman out on the sea 
Or maybe a carpenter building things 
But who would imagine a king 

It was so clear when the wise men arrived 
And the angels were singing your name 
That the world would be different cuz you were alive 
That's what heaven stood to proclaim 

One day an angel said quietly 
That soon he would bring something special to me 
And of all those wonderful gifts he bring 

Who would imagine, who could imagine 
Who would imagine a king 
Mmm hmm 



Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Melinda Shunk, talks to the boys about family faith formation.  Melinda shares her passion and expertise for ministering to children and their families on this episode of The Happy Hippie Jesus Show.  We also confront the mystery of whether Jeremy knows anything about infant baptism.

Links and conferences mentioned in this episode:

Arkansas United Methodist Conference Children’s Ministry-


Beyond Conference-


Connect with Melinda on Facebook-


Dr. Lisa Hess, professor at United Seminary and author of "The Companionable Way", join Jeremy and Bill this week.  Dr. Hess shares her journey from feeling like an exile in the church to a voyage of self-discovery that took her in the most unlikely places to experience Jesus.  Also, hear how Bill almost had a run in with Israeli Military Police!