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Peter Enns, author, professor, podcaster and all around sarcastic guy, joins Jeremy and Bill this week.  The guys talk with Pete about his faith journey, the theological moment that blew his mind and oh yeah, Pete has a new book out called “How the Bible Actually Works”.  Join us this week and learn if Peter Enns is the perfect couples counselor for Jeremy and Bill!

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This week Jeremey and Bill are joined by musician, theme song composer, worship director, and youth minister Kenneth “Thunderhawk” Wilson.  This is a fun and thoughtful interview that gives us a glimpse into the thought process and goals that a worship director puts into developing a worship service.  What makes a good worship song?  How many Jesus per minutes should there be?  Should Jeremy get a white butterfly tramp stamp?  All these questions and more are discussed on this week’s episode of The Happy Hippie Jesus Show.


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John Mark McMillian “Mercury and Lightning”

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This week the boys talk with Pastor Nathan Kilborn about his life and ministry.  Topics range from the feeding ministry at his church, Mission 5000, to Nathan’s special bear powers. Hear restaurant recommendations from Jacksonville, AR and much much more!  Plus we hear about Jeremy’s daughter’s driving skills or lack there of.


308 West Main St.
Jacksonville, AR 72076


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In this episode we finally take the plunge and talk with Dr. Ashley Boggan Dreff (author of Entangled: A History of American Methodism, Politics and Sexuality) and Dr. Rebekah Miles (Ethics professor at Perkins Theological Seminary)  how the United Methodist Church has handled past sexual issues as well as how it is handling the current discussion on LGBTQI issues. From both a historical and ethical point of view Dr. Dreff and Dr. Miles share their thoughts on why our churches struggle with these issues and how we can better communicate with one another.   We also discover that Jeremy and Bill are having fun discussing ideas, who knew!

Find out if God poop poos and pee pees on the floor.


Rebekah Miles

Ashley Boggan Dreff


Entangled: A History of American Methodism, Politics, and Sexuality – September 13, 2018

by Ashley Dreff


Twitter Ashely Dreff-

Rebekah Miles-


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Linda Harker found her way from an abusive home to the arms of Jesus Christ.  Linda shares her story of how Jesus and the church saved her life.  Jesus became her best friend and eventually led her into pastoral ministry in the United Methodist Church. Learn how an ugly dress raised over $20,000 for missions.  Hear how pastors have the same struggles as everyone else.    Linda is now the Senior Pastor of McFarlin United Methodist Church, one of the largest Methodist Churches in Oklahoma.  Check out this episode, recorded on location at the Arkansas Annual Conference and find out if Linda thinks Jesus is a hippie.  Plus, the guys discuss such deep theological topics as: does God pee and did Jesus poop.


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